Stay in London: Week 1

The first week, a half of my stay in London, has been finished. I have a try to write a diary in my poor English.


  • My school life in London was started on Tuesday. As the result of a short test on the first day, I joined the Intermediate(B1) class. There are seven level in my school- Beginner, Elementary(A1), Pre-Intermediate(A2), Intermediate(B1), Upper-Intermediate(B2), Advanced(C1, C2), so my level is just medium.
  • I have 2 classes - morning class, and afternoon class. Morning class is required, and afternoon is optional. About a half of students have afternoon class.
  • Morning class is from 9AM to 1PM. There is 11 students in my morning class. 3 of them, include me, are Japanese. other students are from all around the world - Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, and so on. This class uses a textbook. We often do a groupwork. Angelica, from Colombia talks the most much in the class. Jun-Tai from Taiwan is likely to be absent from the class for some reason.
  • Afternoon class is from 2PM to 3:30PM. My afternoon class has 7 people including 3 Japanese. Angelica, Jun-Tai, and I are the same class also in afternoon class. We do a work about a particular topic such as pronunciation, fairy tale. I, Mai and Baptiste from France made a new fairy tale that a frog and a lion are against a witch.
  • Pronunciation is so difficult. In the speaking way of natives', sounds often disappeard. I suppose my bad habit is that I try to listen to every single word in all of the sentense.
  • Collocation, phrasal verbs and compound noun are also important. They are the way to describe things with simple words. It is hard to hear.
  • I said my teacher Paris "Listening is so difficult for me. To practice listening I usually use Podcast app as TED talk." He said, "TED is too difficult for you. Listen to BBC radio. You can choose the level on the radio."
  • After class, there are social programs in the school such as pub crawl, historical guide tour in London, watching musical.
  • If I don't join a social program of the day, I usually take a walk around London.

It seems that most of Japanese student, like me, are not good with listening and speaking compared to the any other student in the same class level. I talk with students in the other class, I'm often surprised at that they are Intermediate class. "Wow, why are you in the same level as me? Aren't you Upper-Intermediate class?"


I will go a day trip to Stonehenge tomorrow, and Sunday I will do sightseeing in London( I don't decide where to go).


It is tiring to write a diary in English...